The Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary

8 Jul

The Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary is located a short drive from me in Willow, NY. I attended their July Jamboree yesterday and met some pretty fetching fellows, like this guy:


Lambs having lunch. Well, except this very patient one.

The sanctuary rescues and rehabilitates animals that are used for food, and allows them to live out their lives in a cradle of compassion and respect. This bull was rescued from a local veal operation when he was six months old, and about the size of a dog. Today he weighs 1800 pounds. I’m not sure but I think he was flirting with me.



The farm is also home to about a dozen goats. These animals are torn from their mothers as infants so that we can consume goat’s milk and about one million goats a year are killed for their meat in the United States alone.


Resting goat.

One of the pivotal moments for me on my journey towards an animal product-free existence was footage from the movie Vegucated captured in a meat processing plant. It showed such extreme mistreatment of pigs on their way to slaughter that I spontaneously wept at the sight. It was therefore a true gift to observe the absolute serenity of these two gentle souls. Now that I’ve seen it, I’m not sure there’s anything cuter than a pig napping in a mud pool.


Mud bath snooze

I just love the fact that each of the animals at WFAS gets a name — reminding visitors that they are individuals, sentient and worthy of lives of dignity. There are many ways to give back to WFAS for the wonderful work they do. All gift will be matched through the end of this month.


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