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30 Dec


Well, first off I apologize for not having fancy professional-looking photos like other vegan bloggers. Maybe someday when I post more frequently than once a month. Anyway, this is a vegan omelette. Looks yummy, eh? I made it from this recipe, except that instead of sautéing the vegetables I folded in 2 heaping tablespoons of the kale slaw I made yesterday based on this Kris Carr recipe, which is also totally delicious on its own — I ate it (the non-pancaked kale slaw, that is) with leftover roasted fingerling potatoes and roasted broccoli I made the night before. The point of all this being that I sometimes use winter as an excuse to eat heavier foods and to overeat them, and also to make lots of vegan desserts (allegedly to disperse among friends though somehow most of them end up in my tummy!), but I made a point of replenishing my food supply with fresh veggies and all is back to normal. I forget how easy and fun it is to experiment with new recipes, and how imperative it becomes when you just stocked your fridge with perishables. Which brings me to my next point: the importance of having a well-stocked kitchen. Isa Chandra Moskowitz’ book Veganomicon is an excellent reference for information on what to stock in terms of both food and tools, though it goes above and beyond what most people need to get started. But the simplest rules are the easiest to follow, and I like this one: if you want good health eat healthy food, and if you want to healthy food keep it in your house. There, that was easy.

My New Years resolutions are do more yoga, make fewer desserts and eliminate animal products from my wardrobe. Happy New Year. Stay safe.

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